These Are The Best Benefits Of Rose Water For Your Skin And Face

Rose fragrance is so soothing and enchanting that most of us do not pass by a rose plant with a flower without bending to sniff. Rose water is a sweet, aromatic liquid ester extracted by distillation of the smooth and silky petals of roses. This flavored water is obtained as a byproduct in the preparation […]

Yoga As A Remedy For Graying Hair

premature gray hair

Tell the gray to stay away by using yoga as a remedy for graying hair! As much as we’ve all seen the new age trend of sporting grey hair or the salt and pepper look, it turns out to be fun only when it is not forced upon us by nature’s cruelty! We would all […]

How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

What Are Sunken Eyes? Sunken eyes are the condition when eyes are seen to be too deep in the frame of the face. The flesh on the face below the eyes and in cheek appears pulled back and the face looks bony without flesh. The eyes look as if submerged in two holes. This condition […]

Is Rose Water Good For Eyes?

Yes, rose water is good for eyes. You have come to the right post to find a solution to your question. We provide a very comprehensive answer covering all the plausible and related questions.