If you and your family are huge fans of dining in restaurants for your favorite meals, then doing them at home is a sure-fire way to always get them no matter what the occasion or circumstance. The question, however, is whether you have the right tools for the job?

With Amazon being the best resource for anything from the best biotin shampoos, to the best rice cookers; we’ve listed below the best kitchen gadgets on Amazon for recreating your favorite restaurant food within the comforts of your own home.

Better-than-Takeout Fried Rice

Fried rice is easily the most common takeout meal that everyone seems to enjoy without question. They’re filling and very easy to make. It is also a captivating dish because of the colors from the mix of vegetables. Kids love it and so do the kids-at-heart.

There are a bunch of recipes that we’re very sure you will have a fun time recreating or making your own. Some recipes that you can definitely try include this easy chicken fried rice by Averie Cooks. It’s a pretty much an all-in-one meal because it’s got carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and other vitamins. This recipe uses small bites of chicken, a mix of peas and carrots which contain beta-carotene that, according to a  research study, helps make your immune system healthier by improving our immunity down to the cellular level.

Another option for a “better-than-takeout” fried rice is this very simple and classic egg fried rice by Jessica Gavin. Instead of having chunks of chicken for the main protein source, this recipe utilizes scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are known to be a great source of protein and biotin (a vitamin that helps your skin, hair, and nails become stronger).

Best Rice Cooker for your Fried Rice

In order for you to have the perfect, better-than-takeout fried rice, you must have the most essential—a perfectly cooked rice. Perfectly cooked rice is easily achievable by having your very own rice cooker. For which, we recommend the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 electric cooker with 12 programs easily accessible at the touch of a button.

The Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 is a no-false-advertising appliance that does the job perfectly. It is not your traditional rice cooker, which makes this an incredible choice for people who would like to downsize their appliances at home. Aside from having stellar reviews, buyers were all majorly impressed by how well it cooks rice. It’s currently priced at a little less than $80 thus making this an affordable and practical choice for a rice cooker… and more. This is what one buyer had to say about the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 electric cooker:

“So happy I bought this, works great and saves a lot of time with my busy work week.” – Ira George on Amazon

If you’re after a more traditional route when it comes to your rice cooker, we would definitely suggest getting the Hamilton Beach digital programmable rice cooker and food steamer at only $29.99!

Hamilton Beach basically has all of the functions that you’re going to need from a rice cooker. It’s also good to note that it has been rated reliable by Amazon shoppers. It comes with a rice washing basket that also acts as a steamer for veggies or fish. Talk about double purpose, eh?

This is what one of its buyers had to say about the Hamilton Beach digital programmable rice cooker:

“Love it. Easy to use. Simple instructions.” – hidemune kitano on Amazon

Easy-Peasy Pizza

Pizza is one of those dishes considered by many as comfort food. It’s easy to associate good feelings with pizza because of how easy it is to get. 

On top of that, pizza is one of those dishes that gives you carbohydrates, protein, essential fats, spices, sweetness, vitamins, and minerals in one plate! That said, it is important to remember that not all pizza can be considered healthy, which is why it would be lovely to create one at home that allows you to control what goes into the dish.

To have a successful pizza at home, you’ll need a good dough for the crust, a good sauce, and your favorite toppings. You can even include slices of pineapple if you so, please.

Making a pizza may be intimidating to some. As such, referring to recipes of highly experienced chefs will help make it easier. Just take a look at this recipe for the perfect pizza dough by none other than, Giada de Laurentiis.

Once you have your dough, you can definitely start with the simplest pizza like this pizza margherita in four easy steps by BBC good food. And when you’ve gained your confidence around making pizzas, you can definitely move on to more complicated recipes like this roasted squash and gorgonzola pizza by Giada de Laurentiis. In this recipe, she makes use of butternut squash and gorgonzola, instead of the usual meat and mozzarella combination that we’re more familiar with.

Best Tabletop Oven For Your Pizza

As far as making a pizza, nothing beats the use of wood fire ovens. They add another layer of experience that no other kind of oven can replicate… unless you have a smoker. But still, both methods can be too expensive. On top of the costs, a brick oven would require a huge space to house it as well.

For the love of pizza, why don’t you consider getting your very own pizza maker? To put it simply, a pizza maker is a kitchen gadget that can help you make your dream pizza come to life.

On top of Amazon’s list of pizza makers is Presto’s Pizzazz Plus rotating oven. This kitchen gadget totally looks like a pure novelty, but many are surprised by its performance.

Presto’s Pizzazz Plus makes sure that your pizza is evenly cooked. To ensure that you’re getting an evenly cooked pizza, it rotates as it cooks and it even gives you the power to control the heating elements with a dial. It’s not complicated to use both the top and bottom heating elements or just either one of the two; just turn the dial to your preference and you’re done!

Speaking of turning a dial, Presto’s Pizzazz Plus can definitely brag about how easy it is to operate. All you really need to do is plug it in a power socket and turn the dials for time and heat element control. This is why it had received more than 3,500 positive comments and an average of 4.7 star rating. As one buyer puts it:

“This is perfect for so many things… much more than just pizza” – Rhiannon on Amazon

Another great option for a pizza maker is the Betty Crocker pizza maker. Betty Crocker? The brand you’ve known for pancakes and other cake mixes? That’s the one. Aside from dominating the instant mixes industry, the company is also testing their cooking knowledge by coming up with a kitchen gadget that can be of great help to all of the at-home chefs.

This 1,440 watts pizza maker from Betty Crocker is described as fast, fun, and energy-efficient. It is designed with a non-stick pan that makes it very easy to clean. It also boasts a 12-inch pan which is your regular medium-sized pizza, perfect for a small family.

An Amazon buyer calls it a must-have:

“Love it! Must have! Makes the best pizza ever!” – Kathy Monbeck on Amazon

A No-Bull Buffalo Wings

Ah! Buffalo wings… Another crowd favorite and staple at parties. It’s that finger food you nosh on during the yearly NFL finals while betting on which team is going to get the trophy or on a Friday night while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix.

It’s so simple, sometimes you would wonder why haven’t I been making these wings on my own?

For no-bull buffalo wings, you need to ensure that you have your sauces right. To begin your journey, try this recipe from All Recipes for a restaurant-style buffalo chicken wings. It’s got all the basic ingredients that famous restaurants use for making their own buffalo wings, namely—paprika and cayenne pepper.

Another recipe that you seriously have to try is what Tasty calls, “The best crispy buffalo wings”. The secret to this recipe as to what makes this crispy is the use of cornstarch. It is a restaurant secret that, well, now you know!

I guess, for the no-bull buffalo wings, figuring out what your sauce recipe is already half of the battle to help make your wings shine. The other half is cooking the wings to perfection. Since both of these recipes call for deep frying your chicken pieces, we can make this even easier with the help of an air fryer.

The Best Air Fryer For Your No-Bull Buffalo Wings

Air fryers are not very complicated appliances to tinker with. It is outright, as in, pop your food in there, put some oil, turn on the machine, and BAM! You’ve got your fried goodies done in minutes.

The challenge when frying food, like chicken, is that sometimes, it can be undercooked inside. Having an air fryer eliminates your worries of eating undercooked food and thus lowers your risk of getting salmonella.

For air fryer skeptics, it might be wise, to begin with, a more affordable option like the GoWISE USA 5.8 quarts air fryer. What people appreciate about having this nifty kitchen gadget is its high power heating element.

Having a high power heating element is essential, because, as we have mentioned eating undercooked food can make anyone sick. GoWISE USA’s heating elements help ensure that you will be cooking your food at ideal temperatures from 180 to 400℉. 

For a $90 air fryer, it has a touchscreen display that shows you the different settings, temperature, as well as the remaining time until you need to turn over your food. It even has its own alarm to make sure that your chicken wings will come out perfectly each time. Leaving their buyers impressed by their features is something that GoWISE USA have managed because of this air fryer:

“Very impressed with this I didn’t think I’d work that well. The panel isn’t the best panel but the air fryer itself works pretty well. I personally think it has more than enough space to cook anything with it. I also loved how it came with a recipe book. Great product” – Yousif on Amazon

Another well-reviewed air fryer that you can get on Amazon is the COSORI air fryer max XL complete with 11 different functions to suit your cooking needs. When we say different functions we definitely mean that you can cook more than the buffalo wings that you crave most. Use it to cook your buffalo wings with less time compared to using a regular oven with even crispier results.

COSORI somehow designed the LED touchscreen to feature all of its functions for easier user experience. It also shows you the temperature and the time remaining.

Are you faced with the horrors of cleaning up your air fryer? That’s something that you can leave out once you buy your very own COSORI air fryer max XL. You can easily detach the basket, pop it in the dishwasher, et voila, you’re done with the cleanup!

“Best fryer I ever used. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Every recipe that I have tried came out 5 star quality for texture and flavor. Extremely easy to use and clean up is so easy. Just bought two more for family members.” – Mark D. Furrey on Amazon

If you’ve got a little more budget to spend, the Philips premium air fryer XXL is both a splurge and a practical choice for an air fryer from a reputable brand you can trust.

Like many air fryers, Philips is able to reduce the use of excess oil when it comes to cooking fried food. According to their very own study, Philips has equipped this premium air fryer with a technology that can eliminate the use of up to 90% of cooking oil.

Overall, the Philips premium air fryer is a great addition to your kitchen if you’re looking for an air fryer whose claims are backed by actual research. As one buyer pointed out:

“Wish I had purchased it sooner! Food is crisp, moist, and delicious.” – Michele Seyranian on Amazon

There you have it, folks. Cooking your restaurant favorites is certainly made easier with a good recipe to follow and is made even better through the help of reliable kitchen gadgets. With these two combined, you’re bound to be an unstoppable home chef!

We’re always cooking the best buying guides and tips, so be sure to drop by our site for more!

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