Is rose water good for the eyes? This is the big question that we shall answer and we’ll find out if rose water will keep them healthy. Learn how to make and use of rosewater for purifying dry eyes and dark circles as well.

Yes, rose water is good for the eyes. You have come to the right post to find a solution to your question. We provide a very comprehensive answer covering all the plausible and related questions. In this article, you will find answers for what is good for eyes, why rose water good for you, when you need to use rose water and how – not only how to use rose water but also how rose water keeps your eyes healthy.

Rose is no doubt beautiful; Rose water also makes you beautiful. Rose water is an extract of the pretty rose petals and enhances your beauty if you keep it as part of a regimen of your daily makeup. The most heartening nature of this magical aromatic water is it relieves fatigue of the eyes.

The eyes are one of the most essential organs of the five sensory parts of our body. Various muscles and nerves work continuously within the eyes to give us the ability to watch, observe and perceive the object we see. Due to pressure with the hectic schedules that our current generation is undergoing, our eyes are strained while adapting to our lifestyle that forces our eyes to do what they are not recommended to. 

Long hours of reading, watching TV or working on the computer become indispensable activities in our lifestyle. The muscles in our eyes coordinate several activities to give the ability of vision of physical objects we see get tired. Relaxing in our eyes is an essential segment in our daily lives in addition to our long sleep nights. Rose water is the best among other fatigue relievers

Rose Water Benefits For Eyes:

Here are some of the benefits you get for your eyes if you apply rose water on a daily basis

  • Puffiness treatment can be done using rose water.
  • Treatment of Inflammation can also be done using rose water to your eyes.
  • Releases Tiredness from the eyes and provides a soothing effect.
  • Medicinal healing properties of rose water protect the eyes from pollution, dust, and redness.
  • Treats dark circles under your eyes.

Let us discuss how this Rose water can be used to keep our eyes healthy.

For Tired Eyes:

Rose water relieves the eyes from the burning sensation and irritation that are caused mostly due to air pollution, tobacco smoke, smog and dust around. You will be relieved by placing the cotton swabs soaked in pure rose water on the eyes for about 15 minutes, enjoying the sweet aroma of this flavored water. You would feel very much relieved of the pain. Look into the mirror to see your bright eyes, expressing their joy as if they are thanking you.

Inflammation of the eyes is caused due to certain infections or due to dust or shampoo slipping or strong wind blowing, or watching at bright light during hot summer. Added to this, acidity due to irregular intake of food in time further hurts our eyes and causes discomfort and irritation.

The inflammation causes itching in the eyes and as you rub the eyes they swell. The antiseptic and astringent nature of rose water reduces itching caused due to dryness of the eyes also. Place a few drops of rose water in the eyes and relax for a few minutes so that you get relieved of the discomfort.

Our lifestyle in this mechanical world is leading to sleepless nights. Long hours of gluing our eyes to the computer monitors cause the formation of dark circles around the eyes, especially the skin under the eyes is darkened. Rose water makes you relieved of these dark circles around the eyes. On daily use of rose water, the delicate skin under the eyes will be taken care and gradually you find that area refreshing.

Rose water cools the blood vessels around the eyes while keeping intact the acidic mantle of the delicate skin, there due to its natural mild acidic nature with the pH level of 4 – 4.5. Cucumber or potato slices that dip in the rose water, if kept on eyes make the dark rings vanish and brighten your skin and eyes.

For Itching Eyes:

Pure rose water is an effective remedy for itching eyes. Dust particles or pollen in the air cause itching in the eyes. Put a couple of drops of well sanitized Rose water in the eyes or rinse your eyes in rose water. The antiseptic property of Rose water subsides the itching in the eyes.

For Eye Cataracts

A cataract is one of the most common eye diseases, caused due to various reasons such as radiation, trauma and is the most common cause of aging due to the opacity of the eye lens. The clouding of the eye lens could result in eye cataracts. This clouding of the lens can be prevented by the regular use of Rose water. Rose water is recommended in Ayurveda (Indian medicine) to prevent cataracts.

A few drops of pure sterilized Rose water, twice a day, will benefit the eyes due to its astringent properties. A cataract is treated in Unani by placing eye drops, made by mixing 2 or 3 drops of saffron and rose water, thrice a day. In the Homeopathy school of medicine, rose water is used for treating cataracts of early stages. Equal quantity (one teaspoon each) of rose water and fresh lemon juice is mixed and about 5 drops of this mixture are put in the eyes thrice a day for relief.

In The Reduction of Red Eyes and Eye Pain:

Rose water is the ideal and handy home remedy for eye pain. Take 25 grams of pure rose water in a sterilized container and mix 4 grams of alum (wash alum with distilled water) in it. Put 3 drops of this mixture into the eyes thrice a day. You will gradually get relief from the eye pain and redness in the eye.

Rosewater for Dark Circles Under Eyes:

There are several reasons for the occurrence of dark circles under your eyes such as insufficient sleep, work stress, aging, lack of proper diet, watching TV, heredity, liver problems, pregnancy and more.

So, if you want to get rid of these dark circles, several natural remedies are available to do so. One effective way to do this naturally, efficiently and a cost-effective solution, is to use rose water. Let us discuss the benefits of rose water for dark circles.

  • Antioxidant properties of rose water help the skin to rejuvenate and regenerate the tissues.
  • Antibacterial factors help eyes from pollution
  • Nourishes the skin and makes it radiant.
  • The astringent property in rose water helps to fade the dark circles
  • Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps to reduce dark circles

How to Apply Rose Water For Dark Circles:

The process of applying rose water for dark circle reduction is pretty straight forward. Here, we are giving the two easy and effective ways.

Process 1 & Things Needed:

  • Rosewater
  • Cotton pads

The How To:

  • Add rose water in a bowl, soak two cotton pads with appropriate size within the bowl
  • Soak it for 5minutes
  • Apply the cotton pads all over the face and place it over the eyes
  • Leave it for about 30minutes
  • Repeat the process every day continuously for 4 weeks.

Process 2 & Things Needed:

  • Rose water
  • Almond oil
  • Cotton ball

The How To:

  • Mix drops of rosewater and almond oil in a cup.
  • Soak two cotton balls.
  • Prepare the cotton balls to fit for your eyes.
  • Cover the eyes with cotton balls.
  • Wait for 30 minutes
  • Wash the face with cold water
  • Repeat the process everyday for 4 weeks to get better results.

Preparing a Home-Made Rose Water:

It is good to know how to make Rosewater at home so that we can make pure and unadulterated rose water to clean eyes. Here is how you can make pure rose water at home.

Collect or buy fresh rose flowers, better early morning after sunrise. Pluck the petals and wash them thoroughly with clean water. Place them in a container (preferably transparent one so that you can see the contents inside) and pour distilled water into the container just enough to cover the petals.

Cover the container, placing lid and boil in low flame allowing the water to steam till the water turns into the color of petals as the petals become pale. Then strain out the water into a sterilized bottle by leaving the petals. Allow the water to cool down and store it in a refrigerator. Your pure rose water is ready now. The rose water has a wonderful, captivating fragrance and is rich in essential vitamins, A, B3, C, D, and E.

Tips On How to Clean Eyes With Rose Water:

Let us now discuss how to clean eyes with Rose water. Cleaning eyes with Rose water is very healthy.

  • Pour distilled water in a container with a wide mouth as wide as you can place your face completely into the water.
  • Put about 20 drops of rose water in the distilled water in the container.
  • Keep your eyes wide open in the water, stay for about 10 minutes
  • Repeat it three times enjoying the sweet aroma of rose water.
  • You will feel relaxed and have your eyes bright and sparkling to your delight.

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