Rose fragrance is so soothing and enchanting that most of us do not pass by a rose plant with a flower without bending to sniff.

Rose water is a sweet, aromatic liquid ester extracted by distillation of the smooth and silky petals of roses. This flavored water is obtained as a byproduct in the preparation of Rose oil.

Rose water for skin can be used in several ways to get benefited despite the fact that you have a dry, oily or combination skin. Let us know the benefits of the Rosewater, especially how it tones up our skin and face when applied and also how to apply or use Rose water to get the best benefits.

1. Revitalize The Dry And Damaged Skin:

Rose water revitalizes the skin and makes it suave (smooth and delicate). Rose water is good for all types of skin; it moisturizes the dry skin, tones up the oily skin and very soothing to sensitive skin.

You know how?

It manages the acidic mantle, the fine filmy layer which covers the skin from bacterial infections. The pH of this layer is mildly acidic (4.5 -6 pH) and gets affected by sweat, dust and other pollutants that deposit on our skin and this increases the pH level acidic composition, thus causes rash or acne on the skin. Rose water for the face, when applied softens the skin by bringing down the pH level to a milder acidic level.

2. Improves Skin Complexion:

Rose water on face improves your complexion too, clearing the tanning of the skin. Make a paste of gram flour mixed with rose water, add a few drops of lemon and apply the paste on face, on hands; leave it for 15 minutes and wash with warm water. The skin gets cleared with a radiant complexion. (No color change please, it brings a glow to the natural complexion).

3. Prevents Wrinkles:

Rose water prevents wrinkles on the skin. Application of Rose water to face, hands and body, tightens the pores in the skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Apply egg white mixed with Rose water to reduce the wrinkles and sagging skin on the face.

4. Controls Acne:

Pure rose water for face, relieves discomfort from acne. The red pimples on the face that appear especially in adolescent age are caused by inflammation of sebaceous glands (sweat-producing glands) in the skin. Rose water cleans the acne and its antimicrobial property gives protection from further infection of the acne. It even helps the removal of scars left over after the burst of acne.

5. As An Antiseptic:

Rose water protects the skin from further infections caused due to several reasons, thanks to its antiseptic quality. It is one of the best home remedies for dermatitis or eczema; Rose water alleviates various forms of dermatitis, like psoriasis (dry scaly skin) and skin inflammation

6. As A Skin Toner:

Rose water also acts as a toner by shrinking the pores on the skin. It can be used directly or can be mixed with aloe Vera and/or honey. Rose water on the skin, moisturizes without clogging the pores. The antioxidants in rose water help skin cells rejuvenate and regenerate the skin tissues, making the skin toned up.

7. A Natural Skin Blemish Remedy:

Rose water is a natural remedy for treating skin blemishes. Rose water mixed with cucumber juice, curd and sandalwood powder makes a good facial mask. This removes dark-spots, pigmentation marks and scars caused by acne on the face.

8. Homemade Beauty Mask:

Rose water is the best alternative to water in preparation for the facial masks at home. In fact, rose water by itself is a mild astringent lotion and facial toner. The facial mask we make using Rose water can be made suitable for the type of skin. For normal skin, mix clay powder with rose water to the consistency of sour cream. For oily skins, mix barley flour with rose water and needle it to make a paste. Apply this paste. It unclogs pores and makes the face wrinkles free.

9. Removes Dark Circles:

The anti-inflammatory property of Rose water relieves you from dark circles around the eyes and the astringent property of rose water tightens the sagging skin reduces the puffiness under the eyes. Add glycerine and lemon juice to rose water for the best results.

Removes dark circles

10. Rose Water With Sandalwood For Glowing Face:

Make a face mask with sandalwood powder and rose milk. This facial mask is good for all types of skin and gives you the best glow apart from relieving from pimples/acne.

It is very easy to make this facial mask at home. Mix two spoons of sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric with Rose ware to make a paste. Apply this on the face, (leave the areas around the eyes) and allow it to stay for about 20 minutes and wash with cold water. Enjoy the enthralling feeling of freshness and sweet aroma after the facial.

How To Prepare Rose Water For Face And Skin?

Rose water can be prepared at home also. Take a cup full of rose petals (2 or 3 roses) into a bowl and wash them thoroughly with water. Place the cleaned rose petals in a vessel and fill the vessel with distilled or bottled water just enough to cover the petals in the water.

Place a lid over the vessel and simmer on very low flame, and allow it to steam till the rose petals lose their color. Keep the lid on till the rose petals are discolored (better the vessel is transparent so that you can see the rose petal as the water is heated). Then take out the vessel from the flame and allow the boiling water to get cooled. Filter out the water from the leftover rose petals and store this cool water in a nice container or bottle and keep in the refrigerator. This pure homemade rose water is now ready for use.

How to prepare rose water for face and skin

Can Rose Water Be Used On Any Skin Type?

There is no restriction on people using rose water. Anyone with any kind of skin can use it without issues. Rose water is known for soothing sensitive skin, tones the oily skin and hydrates the dry skin and hence it is termed as a universal natural remedy for people with skin problems as anyone can use it from home.

Rose Water Skin Care Tips:

How To Prepare A Natural Face Mask At Home:

Enjoy learning how to make a natural face mask and apply it for peeping up your enchanting beauty. This is how you can make a face mask at your home.

Rose water, honey, banana, whole milk (milk with cream) and gram flour are the ingredients you need. Mix 10 heaps of gram flour, four teaspoons of whole milk, one tablespoon each of honey and Rose water. Then mash half a banana into the mix using a fork. Though the facial mask will be a bit lumpy; apply it on the face and neck and leave it for about 20 minutes and wash the mask with warm water. You may mildly splash rose water on the face after wash and enjoy the sweet aroma of roses.

Do you realize, the take away from this post is, you learn to make rose water and facial masks of your choice at your home and enjoy the benefits using them?

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