What Are Sunken Eyes?

Sunken eyes are the condition when eyes are seen to be too deep in the frame of the face. The flesh on the face below the eyes and in cheek appears pulled back and the face looks bony without flesh. The eyes look as if submerged in two holes. This condition is an indication of poor nutrition and/or some chronic disease.

What Causes Sunken Eyes?

Halloween or sunken eyes causes are manifold.

Precautions For Deep Sunken Eyes:

Sunken Eyes Treatment:

Sunken eyes are better treated by application of sunscreen lotions with an SPF 30 (SPF is a sun-protecting factor. It means that this sunscreen protects the skin from burning by UVA rays 30 times longer than normal). The application of sunscreen lotions avoids damage to the delicate skin below the eyes when exposed to the sun.

Sunken eyes are fixed by either surgical or non-surgical methods. But non-surgical methods are preferred. Since sunken eyes are caused by loss of fat in the lower lids of the eyes, Hyaluronic acid filler is the most recommended fix. Hyaluronic acid is injected deep into the muscle tissue in the lower lids of the eyes. This helps to build fat, with the natural contour of the lower eyelid.

Home Remedies For Sunken Eye Treatment:

Healing of sunken eyes is pretty much easier and safer with home remedies rather than other treatments.

Cure Sunken Eyes With Tea Bags:

Sunken eyes have dark circles around the eyes with pigmentation making the depth of the eyes look much deeper. The formation of these dark circles around the eyes must be nipped in the bud, lest it would be difficult to remove them later. Teabags dipped in either cold or warm water if placed on the eyes improves the blood circulation at that part of the skin covered by them. Keep these tea bags for a few minutes and wash face with cold water. The dark pigmentation under the eyes will reduce on regular treatment with the tea bags.

Potato Slices To Treat Deep Eyes:

Raw potatoes, sliced into thin rounded pieces and kept on the eyes covering eyelids and the whole of the eye cavity for half an hour give nutrients to the skin below the eyes. The nutrients and vitamins in potato are absorbed into the skin and make the skin healthier and eyes show up better.

Almond Oil And Honey For Sunken Eyes:

Make a mix of almond oil and honey each of one teaspoon and apply under the eyes and on eyelids and leave it for the night. The fatty acids in almond oil and honey get absorbed into the skin and the eyes look brighter and the fine lines under the eyes also gradually vanish. Also, soak 5-6 almonds in water at night and eat them in the morning. Do this for a month along with the application of the mix; it helps you to quickly get rid of sunken eyes.

Pineapple And Cucumber Juice For Sunken Eyes:

Mix equal quantities of pineapple juice and cucumber juice with a few drops of almond oil and apply it on the eyes, twice a day. Regular application of this mix will relieve you from the condition of sunken eyes.

Rose Water For Sunken Eyes:

Rose water is another home remedy for the condition of sunken eyes. Make a paste of sandalwood powder, adding Rose water to it. Apply this paste on sunken cavities under the eyes. With regular use, this aromatic paste softens the skin and relieves the sunken eye condition. I also have written a post on how rose water is good for your eyes if you want to check it out!

Natural Way Of Treating Sunken Eyes:

Isometric exercise of the eyes is the natural way to get rid of sunken eyes. This exercise is to tighten the muscle below the lower eyelids. This muscle is named as orbicularis oculi muscle.

The exercise is as follows. Close your eyelids and place your fingertips on the two eyelids and tightly squeeze in the eyes for 5-6 seconds. Then open your eyes and move your eyeballs left to right for another 5-6 seconds. Repeat this ten times a day. This exercise tones up muscles under the eyes. The deep eyes condition improves.

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