5 Low-Cost Hobbies To Pick Up While in Quarantine

5 Low-Cost Hobbies

“What kind of life can you have in a house without books?”

― Sherman Alexie, Flight

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Sometimes, I catch myself feeling like I have so much time in my hands. I often look for an outlet, a creative outlet, to somehow be able to escape the mundanity of my everyday life.

I fill my time with reading and doodling, but, I know creativity is never limited. I’m starting to consider hobbies. There are so many hobbies that would be very lovely to try, but which ones are worth pursuing with very limited budgets?

To define, hobbies are any kinds of activities that you do on your own time for pleasure. Hobbies with low-cost or even no funding required are easier to find these days because of the existence of the internet.

For example, if you’re an avid music-lover, you can simply log on to Youtube and click on a recommended song. After a few hours, you’re all down the rabbit hole with new knowledge of singers and bands that you didn’t know before! This happened to me when I was recommended with a playlist called lo-fi and now I find myself listening to it almost every time I work.

Not all of you might be a music-lover like me, so without further ado, here are some of the low-cost hobbies that you can definitely try!


You can see gardening almost everywhere these days! Young ones on Tiktok (or whatever digital platform these generation Z-ers are on these days) are often showing off their very own little gardens that they have proudly built themselves. It just goes to show that gardening isn’t a retiree’s hobby anymore.

Aside from it just being a trend on Tiktok, gardening has its own benefits towards the well-being of a person. According to an article in 2013 by Permaculture Research Institute, gardening has a great overall effect on someone’s well-being. In this article, they referenced actual studies that looked into how beneficial gardening is towards the body, mind, and spirit. Gardening is a very meditative exercise that provides us with the space to relax, reflect, recollect ourselves. Further reading of this article details other benefits of gardening including:

  1. Strengthening the immune system
  2. Relaxation
  3. Exercise
  4. Mental health
  5. Physical healing

If these benefits help convince you to get into the gardening bandwagon, you’ll probably need a starting point to do so. To begin receiving all the benefits of gardening, you can start your very own garden with some basic tools, seeds to plant, and some planters right off of Amazon.

Plant seeds available on Amazon

You’ll want to decide on the plants that you wish to grow. There are so many shops on Amazon that offer seeds at affordable prices. Some sellers have “seed packs” that will give you a variety of 3 to 5 seeds to grow. Here are some of what we recommend:

Who doesn’t want to spoil their cats? I mean, we should spoil them with love and care but a little bit of fresh catnip won’t hurt!

Sow Right Seeds have provided instructions on their seed packs to help guide both beginner and veteran gardeners. According to their pack, catnip seeds require a week to 3 weeks to germinate.

This plant requires lots of tender, love, and care! Just like a cat. However, once fully-grown, it will give you blossoms that almost look like lavenders. Catnip plants would look great in any garden because of their blooms.

I think it’s safe for me to say that if you love your cat, go ahead and get some catnip seeds on Amazon now!

There’s nothing like cooking dishes with only the freshest ingredients on the planet. That said, growing your very own herb garden where you can have unlimited fresh basil leaves all year long wouldn’t be a bad thing!

What’s so nice about Sow Right Seeds is that they give you instructions and information about the plant that you’re going to receive. For example, did you know that cilantro seeds take about 7 to 10 days to germinate? Furthermore, if you keep on harvesting cilantro, it will like it so much that it will be encouraged to grow more and more leaves for your harvesting!

If you want more herbs to grow, you can always just drop by Sow Right Seeds’ Amazon storefront. Have fun growing and harvesting mints for mojitos, chives for that perfect dip, and so much more!

Basic gardening tools on Amazon

This is currently Amazon’s number 1 best-selling gardening tools set and based on the buyers’ reviews, it’s deservingly so.

With every purchase of this set, you’ll be receiving a hand trowel, a transplanting trowel, and a cultivator hand rake. All three of these tools are made from heavy-duty cast aluminum, with a sturdy rubber handle to prevent any sort of slip-ups.

Indeed it’s a perfect gift for horticulturists and hobbyists of different levels of expertise. Once you’re ready to begin your gardening, you can purchase them from Amazon where you can also read up on the product reviews.

If the basic 3-piece cast aluminum gardening kit is not enough for you, Vremi’s 9-piece garden tools set just might be the one that you’re looking for.

This set includes the three from ESOW’s and more. It is so great just because it’s filled with the most basic tools you could ever need! There’s no need for you to do any more of the individual shopping. 

This is great especially if you’re truly a beginner. Just pick up this bag and you’re good to go! You could get this from Amazon for only $69.99! All tools will be encased in a canvas bag that looks big enough to help you carry around a small potted plant.

With a bag that you can carry anywhere around your garden are the following:

  • 1x Trowel
  • 1x Transplanter
  • 1x Weeder
  • 1x Rake
  • 1x Pruner
  • 1x Cultivator
  • 1x Flower mister
  • 1 pair Garden mitts


Gardening is not limited to having a physical garden outdoors. These days, more and more people are practicing growing plants even within the comforts of their home.

For example, some people grow their herb garden right on top of their kitchen counters. This is an incredibly nice idea especially if you’re doing a lot of cooking with these herbs

Click here to check out the Mkono Planters on Amazon.com!


Reading has always been a really good hobby that you can consider on the low-cost side. Through reading, you can imagine living in worlds created by writers; you can have a glimpse of what goes on another person’s psyche; you can lose time but you’ll definitely gain more once you’re done reading a book. Here’s a list of books that we suggest you check out:

Lori Gottlieb has authored many books that touch on the topic of mental health and relationships. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed is no different… But not really.

This isn’t another mental health book that just talks to you like you’re a case-patient. No. This book actually provides insights into the life of Lori Gottlieb as both a patient and the therapist.

Many have called this memoir transformative, delightful, and empathic. Which is why this is in most book reviewers list of most recommended.

Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant will show you the mastery of design and how our lives are affected by it in their book called User Friendly: How the Hidden Rules of Design Are Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Play.

The New York Times provided a great review of the book and even went on to call it a “tour de force”. The book was further described to be a great combination of “scholarly research, professional experience, and revelations from intrepid first-hand reporting”.

Cal Newport details the intoxicating and detrimental effect of the digital world on a person’s mental health and productivity. 

The book doesn’t fully castigate technology; as it merely is a tool after all. Instead, he would like to remind everyone that technology is a tool to help ourselves become better human beings.

If you would like to know more about how digital minimalism can help improve your life or would just like to know about what people have been saying about Cal Newport’s piece, you can read reviews here.

According to Publishers Weekly, The Dutch House by Ann Patchett is a splendid novel that is thoughtful and has a compassionate exploration of obsession and forgiveness.

Further into the review, Publishers Weekly also mentioned how The Dutch House allows its readers to see what other people acquire, choose to keep, lose, or give away, and what they leave behind.

This a must-have to get during a tough quarantine time, please be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

In an article from Amazon, the late Kobe Bryant told an Amazon correspondent that the book has an excellently built world.

In his words,  “I am a big fan of epic fantasy series and the world-building by James is excellent. It’s immersive and makes for a powerful story.”

Go pick up the Black Leopard, Red word by Marlon James on Amazon now!

Learning a New Language

Trying to acquire a new skill may indeed take about 10,000 hours. If you want to begin learning a new language, you better start fast. There are countless resources available to help you jumpstart your journey of learning a new language. Some resources that could help you are workbooks and audio resources. Here’s what we recommend based on their reviews:

“I’ve been learning French for a few months now and included this course to my learning. Wow, I can’t say I’m not happy to have done so. It is very in-depth and provides an easy to understand walkthrough of the French language. Still can’t believe it’s only about $35.” – Gabriel Mendez

“I’ve been using the Pimsleur app to get me started on hearing and speaking Japanese. However, this book has helped immensely in explaining why certain things are said in certain ways. It’s very easy to follow! I’m almost done with it and can’t wait to start the next one.” – Yuni on Amazon

“By this book, you can learn the basics of German. But first, let’s be clear about what this book isn’t. Mastering another language can be challenging but the reward is definitely worth it. Let German language learning be your guide in your German language learning journey. This book is everything you need as a beginner.” – TUTI. S on Amazon

“This book is definitely a great asset to our Spanish classes. Both my daughter and I have our own book. Lots of little revision exercises. Love it!” – Mrs. Anel Laurens on Amazon

“Our teacher uses this entire course and it’s super good. comes with audio CDs to play in the car for faster learning.” – Sally Owens on Amazon

Go Running

It’s very easy to dismiss running as a form of exercise. But, from a different perspective, it is quite a very enjoyable hobby to practice. Not only does it help you lose weight, but there are also other benefits whenever you go out for a run.

A study done in the United States discovered that among the benefits of running is having a sense of accomplishment. The same study also mentions that running was also seen as an extended source of meaning in a runner’s life. This study just shows that on top of the physical benefits, running also provides profound metaphysical benefits.

Once you’re ready to take on running as a hobby, we bet you’d love to have a list of a runner’s essential gear. Here’s our list of recommended running gear:

One of the most controversial and most talked-about running shoes is the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% (check on Amazon); it was so for very good reasons.

The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% apparently “powered” up the running game of one of the world’s fastest runners—Eliud Kipchoge. When we say powered, we mean, the shoes helped Eliud achieve an even faster running time compared to any of the shoes they’ve worn before. 

This became such a controversy that the World Athletics banned this pair from any kind of competition for a while due to its excellent construction. The organization viewed this as a way of somehow giving anyone who wears this an edge in any kind of running competition.

However, in the latest news, Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% was able to avoid the complete ban by World Athletics due to the new release of rules. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% will now be allowed to be used in competitions provided that Nike follows the new rules and regulations.

As an alternative to Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%, we recommend the Under Armour’s HOVR machina (Get on Amazon).

Under Armour’s HOVR machina is a bit on the heavier side if compared with the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%, but with its trademark UA HOVR foam and Pebax propulsion plate, HOVR machina will be able to give you great traction especially on strike zones that require a lot of power.

Socks are just as important as running shoes. Which is why you shouldn’t overlook the kind of socks that you’ll be wearing once you set out to go for a run.

In terms of the kind of material that you’re going to look for, you definitely should avoid cotton socks.

Cotton is a kind of material that absorbs water. When you run and perspire, having cotton socks can be very problematic because the way that cotton absorbs the sweat can give you blisters. You wouldn’t want to have blisters especially when you’re just about to start your running hobby.

As a recommendation, you’ll need to look into getting merino wool, spandex, nylon, and polyester. These types of materials increase the durability of the socks, affordable, and some even prevent irritation and odor.

Whether you’re going running or going to do weights at the gym, the Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks for Men and Women received applause from its buyers.

Through the help of its Drynamix technology, runners were left with moisture-free feet while running. On top of that, the Balega Hidden Comfort socks has an elastane that’s reliable to help keep the socks on no matter how far you go in your runs.

Water is essential when you go running. Whether you’re running a long or short distance, having a water bottle will help ensure that you’re hydrated throughout your whole run. 

There are a number of people that feel discouraged about running with a big water bottle, which is why we recommend something that can clutch as you go. The LX LERMX Handheld Water Bottle for Running is exactly what we’re trying to describe.

The LX LERMX Handheld Water Bottle for Running is able to carry up to 17 ounces of water which is just enough for a 10-mile run. It has a small pocket where you can store your keys, some money, cards, and even a 5.5” phone. It’s the perfect companion to bring along as you achieve your running milestones.

These days, it’s hard to leave phones behind. Anyway, phones are great to sync your progress as you run. There are applications that even help you train and make the best run you could. These apps are able to do it based on the data of your performance.

Among the important characteristics of an armband that you should look for include its ability to hold your phone securely, the ability to fit around your arm, and be as sweat-proof as possible.

Trianium Armband (view on Amazon) is a great candidate for an adjustable running armband as it fits these three criteria perfectly. It also fits most of the recent models of phones which is great if you have multiple phones as it can accommodate it whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel. As a treat, it even has a small key pouch so you’ll always have your key with you as you run.

Now that we’ve settled running shoes, socks, water bottle, and running armband; there’s one final gear to make sure you’re comfortable as you go out running—running tights.

A consensus of women has voted that the Nike Women’s Pro Tights is the best and most versatile running tights they have ever tried. For one, it’s been rated as 89% true to its size, and with its reliable waistband, everything will be held into place. And ladies, this means everything!

As one buyer pointed out:

“I have NOOOOO complaints. Loved this purchase” – Shay on Amazon

As for men, we would like to recommend the New Balance Men’s Accelerate 5in Shorts. In the same way that the Nike Women’s Pro Tights, they are both 89% true to size. On top of that, it comes in 13 color variations.

The secret why New Balance Men’s Accelerate 5in Short is such a great pair of running shorts for men is the combination of fabric that New Balance used. 

It is made from 100% polyester that helps in keeping you free from sweat as you clock in your miles. For additional support, it has an inner drawstring to make sure that even with an elastic band, everything will stay in place.

Here’s what one of its buyers thought of the New Balance Men’s Accelerate 5in Short:

“Hands down my new favorite shorts. Most shorts in this length don’t come with pockets (I’m looking at you, UnderArmour), but these do and I really appreciated that. They’re comfy and fit great.” – James on Amazon

Try Knitting

Ah! Knitting. Another activity that may have been shunned for how it is an old person’s activity. But, truth be told, knitting gives a person a wonderful creative outlet that provides a great opportunity for earning money as well as a personal sense of accomplishment.

Again, having access to the internet provides great resources for starting this hobby. Blogs and countless Youtube videos share various information on how to start knitting as a hobby. On the other side of that, you’ll need proper tools to do so.

It may be quite hard to assemble the best knitting tools as a beginner, so we recommend getting knitting kits to make sure that you have the most essentials:

Since you’re beginning your journey into the wonderful world of knitting, Exquiss Knitting Needles Set (get on Amazon) was rated by its buyers as the best bang for the buck and best set for beginners.

Inside this set are the following tools that are very essential in completing your first knitting project:

  • 18 pairs of bamboo circular knitting needles set with 18 different sizes that range from 2mm to 10mm.
  • 18 pairs of bamboo knitting needles with 18 different sizes that range from 2mm to 10mm.

With that many tools in the set, we’re sure you’re bound to create the best knitted creations even as a beginner!

One 15-grid plastic storage to store the following:

  • 4.2-inch scissors 
  • 16 pcs needlepoint protectors in various sizes
  • 1 soft measurement ruler
  • 4 pcs yarn needles
  • 24 pcs locking stitch makers
  • 12 plastic pins
  • 24 pcs circle makers
  • 12 pcs flexible circle markers

Another Amazon’s choice for a knitting set is the KOKNIT bamboo knitting needles set (view on Amazon) that contains an even wider range of needles to suit the knitting project that you’re about to do.

Not only does this set include bamboo knitting needles, but this set is also packed with two more different kinds of knitting needles—aluminum needles and ergonomic crochet hooks with rubber grip handles.

The variety is great because once you’re done with one project, you can jump onto the next one with confidence that you have the tool in hand.

For an even more complete beginners kit, Boye Yarn Knitting for Beginners Kit, 9 Patterns (view on Amazon) offers a great alternative because it’s so basic.

In this kit, you will get two pairs of knitting needles that are in two different sizes. It also includes nine patterns that feature a beanie and a scarf, one piece of yarn needle, and 5 stitch markers.

If you’re ready to start your knitting project, The Spruce Crafts provides a list of 23 easy knitting patterns for beginners. Ready, set, knit!

Closing Thoughts

Wow! That is a very extensive list of hobbies that you can easily try that won’t hold you back so much financially.

Who knows, you just might discover another source of income through one of these hobbies. If you could create an earning potential from your hobbies, wouldn’t that be great?

You’ve got the best of both worlds if you’ll be able to achieve that! Doing something you love while earning sounds like a really great idea. We hope that you love reading through our list of low-cost hobbies. For more interesting topics, be sure to drop by our site. Until our next post!


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